hube no.3

Words are not enough. Joy, sorrow, happiness, pain—these words merely allude to the depth of our feelings. In an attempt to convey them, we seek harmonies in sounds, colours, and images. We turn to art and become the creators ourselves.

We’re thrilled to announce that our third issue has arrived. We feel incredibly grateful as it provided us with countless memories that we will cherish forever:

An intimate conversation between MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ and MICHÈLE LAMY that blurred the lines between art, performance, and life itself.

A warm welcome from DANIEL ARSHAM in his house in the Hamptons, which naturally led us to a conversation about Japan.

A walk with SARAH ANDELMAN around the streets of Paris; a metaphor of her personal journey through the world of fashion, art, and design.

An intense but exceptionally fun day in London with ELLA RICHARDS and MIU MIU.

What else can you expect? Intriguing debates and thoughtful meetings with STEVEN PINKER, KEI NINOMIYA, JAMES MERRY, CHIHARU SHIOTA, ANDRÉ SARAIVA, STERLING RUBY, OLUWOLE OMOFEMI, and RECYCLE GROUP.

We invite you to delve into our third edition and relive those beautiful moments with us.